We Improve the Quality of Life of Hispanic Families

Nutrition Awareness

A component of the welfare projects department is the Nutrition Awareness Program. This is an outreach effort designed to acquaint people with the benefits available to them under the food stamp program. Over 300 people a year apply for food stamps under this program.

A Healthy Family for a Healthy Community

A healthy family begins with good choices in the foods we eat. Sometimes our choices are limited by our grocery budget. The Nutrition Program may be part of the solution by supplementing the grocery budget. Good nutrition is so very important.

A healthy diet is one key to good health. If your budget is tight, maybe you've had to cut important foods - like fresh produce and protein sources - out of your family's diet.

The Nutrition Program can help you put nutritious food on your table.

As the cornerstone of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrition assistance programs, the program plays a vital role in helping to improve nutrition in the nation, particularly among low-income individuals. It is run under the supervision of the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) and encourages States to provide nutrition education messages that focuses on strengthening and reinforcing the link between food security and healthy diet. The purpose of the program is to improve nutrition and health among the low-income population. Those eligible include individuals of all ages, races and ethnicity in both urban and rural settings.

The Nutrition Program helps low-income households buy the food needed for good health. An electronic debit card is used to buy groceries. You can own a dependable card and still be eligible. Reporting requirements are not as time-consuming.

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